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Man Up is the men's group at Oasis Church which is currently run by David More. David's vision is as follows:



I live in a secular world, not a holy bubble, where men are rough, the concept of a holy God is all but lost and the image of God is not good. Thank God, he's not interested in image but heart.


My hope is to "Be the man Gods wants me to be" and to live in a way that shows Christian men are relevant in this generation. More often than not the PC media portrays christian men as detached, soft, old fashioned or crazy and that doesn't sit easy with me. This is not what I read and understand from the bible.


Men like Samson, Gideon, Paul or Jesus himself to name but a few, were strong men's, men, and when you read of these men in the bible, and how God used them to complete his will, it just doesn't fit with the image how the world sees christian men today.

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Man Up

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My hope is not in the media or the world, but in him, it's where I feel strong, it's the only place that I can make sense of things and it's where I belong. The bible says the creation is groaning for the sons of man to be revealed, I think this is a call for us to "man up" and take our place.



If you would like to find out more about our 'Man Up' ministry then please contact David More:



Above: David speaking at an event

Left: A recent Men's breakfast

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