C H U R C H  O F  T H E  N A T I O N S



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Our 24hr ladies seminar is an amazing experience, where ladies come together to understand their value and importance as Daughters in The Kingdom of God.


The venue & location certainly reinforce this truth. The views are breathtaking, the richness of fellowship together, as we swim in the pool and chat in the jacuzzi, the power of the word & the move of the spirit accumulate to minister the revelation that we are truly daughters of God.


We invite you to join us March 2nd- 3rd 2018, as we develop on our previous years, with the encouragement to be women of purpose and value.


O A S I S  C H U R C H  E L G I N

Registered Charity SC041970

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Tel: 01343 548062    

Email oasis.office@oasiselgin.org.uk

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