C H U R C H  O F  T H E  N A T I O N S



Oasis is a Christian family church based in Elgin, Moray.  

We are part of Church of the Nations (Cotn) – an international family of approximately 2,000 churches in around 40 nations worldwide

(visit www.cotn.org).


Oasis is a Registered Charity SC041970 and is the oldest established Cotn church in Scotland.

We express our kingdom life in three ways: is expressed in three key ways:



about Oasis Church

Who are we?

1. Church in celebration.

This is a time of celebration when the whole Oasis family gathers to praise God for His goodness throughout the week.  We have sharing of the word from anointed speakers, enthusiastic praise and worship, times of fellowship and fun.  Our times together are Holy Spirit led and never predictable.

We currently meet every Sunday at 11.00am at The Hub, Tyock Industrial Estate, Elgin.


2. Church in the home.

We believe that it’s important for believers to forge strong relationships and have accountability. We therefore also meet together during the week in people’s homes as the Holy Spirit leads.  This is where we find support, encouragement and family.  


3. Church in the community.

This is how we make an impact on the community around us; whether in business, government, schools, charitable works or in our own jobs and workplaces.  Jesus spent most of his time with the people of His day demonstrating God’s love and we believe in following his example.  Oasis is a lively and vibrant church with a divine purpose, to equip this generation of believers so they can see their own neighbourhoods impacted and transformed.

O A S I S  C H U R C H  E L G I N

Registered Charity SC041970

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Tel: 01343 548062    

Email oasis.office@oasiselgin.org.uk